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Brotha Buttah (Sistah Buttah For Men) - 8 oz

Image of Brotha Buttah (Sistah Buttah For Men) -  8 oz


Fellas we got you covered!! Sistah Buttah is a handmade Shea Butter blend. It contains various aromatic & soothing oils that promote healing and growth.

BROTHA BUTTAH! (SISTAH BUTTAH FOR MEN!) Is a specially formulated blend with a new masculine fragrance!

LADIES: You're gonna LOVE this scent!

MEN! This blend is amazing and is ALL purpose.

*Add Shine to your Beards and promote growth
*Soothe those hair bumps and get rid of them!
*Shine up those bald heads and prevent scalp dryness
*Add sheen to that fresh hair cut
*Soften those cracked hands and feet